Company Profile:
Starting to manufacture for the purpose of developing specific solutions in the direction of customers’ requirements in 2013, DENIZ DINAMIK continues to give successfull services in its industry by getting general approval of its customers with its knowledge, experience and ethical conception as well as its quality and fast manufacturing. Deniz Dinamik has prioritized customer satisfaction in the result of determining honesty, manufacturing quality, offering fast and economic solutions as its policy. Having professional staff in these subjects, our company also manufactures collectors, diesel-electric motor frames, jockey motor frames, couplings, flanges, metal sheet motor frames, eccentric, concentric and pulleys as well as its specific productions. Following closely recent development on technology, our company gets the best result by presenting cam/cad 3d drawings of requested products to its customers in digital platforms. Our company also desires to give services to you and your company on indicated products and industries. We wait your requests with the wish of talking over convenient subjects to you.

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Established Date: 2013  Tax Office: Sarıgazi  Tax Number: 2910845283  Staff Count: 0-5  Export Specialist: Muhammet Ali DENİZ